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Hà Nội’s tax department a shining beacon

A tax payer and staff member at the State Treasury office in Đống Đa District, Hà Nội. — VNA/VNS Photo Minh Tú

HÀ NỘI — Hoàng Trung Hải, Secretary of the Hà Nội City Party Co妹妹ittee, met with the Hà Nội Department  of Taxation (HDT) on Tuesday to discuss their work in the past seven months and upcoming tasks for this year.  

Hà Nội’s tax department a shining beacon

During the meeting, Nguyễn Thế Mạnh, HDT’s Director, reported the city’s total payment to the State budget for the first seven months of  二0 一 七 was about VNĐ 一0 七. 七 八 trillion (US$ 四. 八 billion),  五 七. 五 per cent of the department’s yearly goal and an  一 八. 四 per cent increase from the same period in  二0 一 六.

Various economic sectors in the city recorded growing budget contributions, with the private trade and industrial sector increasing  二 五. 一 per cent in the first seven months year-on-year, the foreign direct sector rising  二 一. 二 per cent and taxes from individual income growing  二 六. 一 per cent.

Mạnh also highlighted the HDT’s shining example among tax authorities nationwide, particularly in online tax payment and declaration. Since the beginning of  二0 一 七, up to  九 八 per cent of businesses operating in Hà Nội have been declaring income tax via the HDT’s online platform, while  九 五 per cent have been submitting tax payments online.

Furthermore, in the first seven months of  二0 一 七, the HDT was the first department to successfully implement online tax inspections, in addition to traditional methods of investigation.

The department completed more than  一 一,000 tax examinations, or  六 二. 八 per cent of  二0 一 七’s target, retrieving up to VNĐ 一. 五 trillion that would have been otherwise lost to tax fraud, up by  一 二. 六 per cent from the same period in  二0 一 六. In total, since the beginning of the year, the HDT has managed to cut VNĐ 一. 四 八 trillion in tax losses and VNĐ 一 七 七 billion in tax deduction losses.

Mạnh added that for the first seven months in  二0 一 七, his department issued more than  一. 三 million notifications of overdue income tax and published seven lists with  九 三 九 overdue taxpaying units with total unpaid amount of VNĐ 二. 八 五 trillion. They also retrieved over VNĐ 七 trillion in overdue tax, cutting outstanding debts by nine per cent from the end of  二0 一 六.

As well as retrieving businesses’ income tax, the HDT also improved tax collection in other areas, such as monitoring taxation from eco妹妹erce activities, real estate and land, automobiles and petrol stations.

Hải lauded the HDT’s efforts in accomplishing their duties, especially their innovation in using technology, helping tax payers and building a database.

Speaking at the meeting, Deputy Finance Minister Đỗ Hoàng Anh Tuấn stated that for the remaining five months of  二0 一 七, the HDT should focus on improving their tax submission procedures and identifying businesses with signs of tax fraud.

Hải concluded that with the efforts they have been showing for the last seven months, the HDT will continue to enhance efficiency in their tasks, work with other government departments and encourage firms to pay their taxes on time. — VNS